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Cognitive Assessments

We can offer cognitive assessments (assessments of general intellectual functioning) for children and young people aged 6+.  We use the WISC V (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children - Fifth UK Edition) for children and young people aged 6 - 17, and the WAIS IV for adults.  These are widely used standardised assessments of general intellectual functioning.

When conducting our assessments we try to identify your child’s individual strengths and weaknesses, and provide recommendations around how they can best be supported at home and school, in any areas in which they have difficulty.

A cognitive assessment, including a full report and feedback costs £900.  

More information about the WISC V

The WISC-V is used to measure the general thinking and reasoning skills of children aged 6 to 16 years.  It consists of 10 core "subtests" (tasks) that each measure skills associated with an area of intellectual functioning.  WISC-V scores show how a child has performed compared to a group of children of their age from the United Kingdom.


In addition to scores from individual “subtests”, the assessment provides a composite score that represents a child’s overall intellectual ability (Full-Scale IQ Score), as well as primary index scores that measure the following areas of cognitive functioning: verbal comprehension, visual spatial processing, fluid reasoning, working memory, and processing speed. 

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